Sherri is a powerhouse broker with 11 years of experience working with everyone from 1st Time Home Buyers to seasoned investors.

Challenging both the naysayers and market when she began her career amidst the Real Estate market crash, she has grown into one of the mainstays and professional Real Estate agents in this business! Her competitiveness and compassion merge together to provide a tremendous asset to the clients that she works with.

When she purchased her own home at the age of 28, she was a single mother of two. The experience was overwhelming and frustrating and she felt alone without guidance. And in fact, after the first rough year, she thought about selling her home.

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When Sherri hit her Golden 10th Year of Real Estate in 2018, she decided to take her passion of Real Estate and love for the community to the next level. Sherri is very adamant about servicing and giving back to the communities that others have forgotten about and educating about financial literacy, something she feels isn’t taught as much as it should be. To do this she obtained a Continuing Education Instructor License as well as her Managing Brokers License which afforded her the opportunity to establish her own Brokerage, Suite 527 Realty Group, LLC.

Suite 527 Realty Group, LLC is a boutique Real Estate firm geared toward assisting home buyers, sellers, newbie and seasoned real estate investors with a special focus on educating the community on real estate and financial literacy.